Reduce costs and increase productivity with smarter construction project management

Ground and drone mapping solutions for construction

Efficiently survey and track your construction work progress

Use ground and aerial imagery to map, measure, analyze and report the progress on your project easily.

Simplified site surveys

Capture images and data easily with your mobile device and PIX4Dcatch or viDoc RTK rover, a drone, or automatically with our CraneCamera solution. Create precise 2D maps and 3D models, instantly upload them to the cloud and view anywhere in the world.

Time and cost savings

Get results faster than ever before. Pix4D’s solutions for construction are costless compared to traditional survey methods, with the same high accuracy you can rely on.

Greater performance monitoring

Your data is available faster, and can be shared immediately with project stakeholders anywhere in the world for better communication and collaboration.

Use viDoc RTK rover to measure your stockpile with PIX4Dcatch

Get centimeter-accurate 3D models and measure volumes, distances, and single points.

Using ground and drone mapping in construction

Reduce cost and time of earthworks using drone surveying
Perform surveys faster and at a fraction of the cost, while capturing millions of detailed points for:

Topographic survey
Visual records of excavation
Stockpile measurement
Cut and fill calculation
Accurate haul cost estimate
Civil engineering work
Accelerate the construction project planning and design
Simplify pre-construction site planning and scheduling with 3D models from drone images.

Support the design process and help engineering teams build the project virtually first and save time in the project completion.
Better track and manage the construction progress
Get regular aerial visual updates of the as-built situation in 2D and 3D to compare site against the as-design.

Visualize, measure, track onsite changes and export data acquired at all stages of a project for more efficient project execution. Identify errors early, keep control on schedule and prevent costly rework.
Transform construction project management using drone data
Improve collaboration and facilitate communication among teams with shared access to high-quality and measurable aerial updates of the site on a collaborative cloud platform.

Use and share the data to verify work, manage operational or scheduling conflicts, and fully document the project.
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Unlock as-built data for 4D BIM
Export and integrate generated 3D point clouds within 3D design and 4D scheduling software.

Enable streamlined BIM workflows to better manage schedule, cost, changes and potential clash detection.
Facilitate infrastructure inspection
Change the game for inspections with drone mapping. UAVs can make building and infrastructure inspection quicker, safer and more efficient.

Get highly-detailed 3D data for work estimations, infrastructure performance, building maintenance, or construction project tracking.
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