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We’re a technology company

About Us.

“It has been estimated that the total available market for drone-enabled services to be more than $127 billion.”

Drones are changing the way organisations do business – in all industries. At EASEPECT, we leverage innovative drone technologies to provide practical business solutions to organisations looking to simplify operations, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

We are your trusted advisors in crafting personalised solutions through our partner’s (Pix4D) market-leading photogrammetry software technology. Our wide ranging products enable you to digitize reality and measure from images taken from planes, drones, phones, or any other camera.
We deliver on our brand promise to revolutionize usage of photogrammetry to help your organisation scale up and unleash the power of imagery technology.

Our values

We take pride in providing value to our customers. We strive to understand your needs, seek for best-in-class solutions and deliver excellence to exceed all expectations.

We believe in taking bold steps to push ourselves beyond boundaries and continuously innovate our offerings to customers. We challenge ourselves everyday in reinventing our business to ensure we deliver cutting-edge solutions.

We are committed to serve all customers with the highest standards as we strongly believe it is key to building trusting relationships. We embed a strong governance to uphold quality in everything we do including the way we build our offerings/ solutions, the way we service our customers and our reliance on accurate data analysis to help us make informed decisions.

We engage with our customers with the utmost respect and engage our networks/ partners as responsible corporate citizens. We deal with all stakeholders in a socially and environmentally sensitive manner.


We abide by doing more with less. Consistently seeking to streamline our processes and the way we work with customers to ensure a seamless experience.


We adhere to all regulatory requirements in crafting compliant solutions for our customers.

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